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Who we are

The Boavida Group has over 20 years of experience in project implementation and investment management.

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Our History

The history of the Boavida Group began in 1995 with Tomasz Dowbor's unexpected, adventurous and courageous trip to Luanda.

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Social Responsibility

This is not only a corporate responsibility that must be fulfilled, but also our duty as Angolan citizens to play an active role for the benefit of the society in which we operate.

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Innovation and Management by Angola

Why work with us?


It ensures the path we have to follow.


It helps to change habits that improve products and services.

Management by Results

Guides our actions with a focus on the goals to be achieved

Latest News

GRUPO BOAVIDA Institutional Video - Version Française

GRUPO BOAVIDA Institutional Video Version Française The BOAVIDA Group has over 20 years of experience in project implementation and investment management. The Group's presence and successful assertion in the Angolan market and beyond have been sustained by efficient management, commitment to success and the achievement of previously defined results.

Boavida Ambassadors

Recently, the Boavida Group, within its "Social Responsibility", launched the project "Boavida Ambassadors", which aims to collect donations to support people in need. For a fortnight, several stars of our music and humour market gathered in the most diverse points of Luanda to massify the initiative and appeal to the Christmas spirit of the people, [...]

Social Responsibility

Boavida Group believes in the transformation of each person, that each of us has the chance to develop our "Better Future", that small efforts can change and improve people's quality of life through acts of Social Responsibility. . On 27 July, we organized a breakfast with traditional midwives [...]

Health Festival

The Health festival provided unforgettable moments for all of us, several exhibitors reacted positively to the initiative and were very enthusiastic about the next events. It was very gratifying for the organization of the event to see how much the visitors enjoyed and participated in the various activities, especially the free consultations and other services. The opening of the festival [...]

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