Investment in the agribusiness sector

With the economic crisis that Angola has been facing since the end of 2014, resulting from the significant drop in the price of a barrel of oil at international level, A great challenge was launched in the national market to all companies, the need to diversify the economy and increase domestic production of goods and services, especially to private institutions - as essential to the process of economic diversification, job creation and promotion of a self-sufficient market. Thus, the Boavida Group, aware of its responsibility and commitment to the country, decided in 2016 to invest about US$50 million in agro-industry, through the acquisition and operationalisation of a farm in Bengo province, in Caxito, capable of producing and marketing basic necessities. "We intend with this investment to help the Angolan government in increasing the supply of agricultural and livestock products with quality, at competitive prices and that are within the reach of the economically disadvantaged population," the Boavida Group's PCA assured.