Good Life is the fuel that drives our Social Responsibility Actions.

These are carefully planned and developed by the Group's senior management. Since the beginning of its activities, accentuated from 2016 with more concrete and permanent projects, the Boavida Group has been dedicated to supporting and developing a set of programmes and actions, which aim to introduce and add technical-professional skills such as discipline, boldness, entrepreneurship, health care, to employees and young people in Angola, in order for them to have quality of life.


The Boavida Group, aware of the difficulties of certain groups of people, has given permanent support in the areas of food and schooling to the Mamã Madalena Home, in the municipality of Cazenga. As part of the festive season celebrations, we sponsored and promoted a charity Christmas party for children in the municipality of Caxito, Bengo Province.

Health and Wellness

In this vector, the Boavida Group in partnership with the support of its partners has developed actions that stimulate a greater care with health, through campaigns that provide to its employees and guests, free consultations in reference clinics, additionally to the regular dissemination of information about health care. Through the practice of physical exercises, we have made a training programme happen in which we stimulate the participants to overcome their limits of resistance and reach results. Our goal is to achieve 10 hours of continuous training. We are happy and proud to know that we have achieved extraordinary results and have helped to increase the number of people who exercise.

Boavida Ambassadors

Recently, the Boavida Group, as part of its "Social Responsibility", launched the project "Boavida Ambassadors", which aims to collect donations to support people in need. For a fortnight, several stars of our music scene and humour, gathered in the most diverse points of the city of Luanda to massify the initiative and appeal to the Christmas spirit of people, for the benefit of those who need it most!
We will continue to join forces in order to minimise some shortcomings.
The Boavida Group would like to thank all participants!

Visit to traditional birth attendants

Boavida Group believes in the transformation of each person, that each of us has the chance to develop our "Better Future", that small efforts can change and improve the quality of life of people through acts of Social Responsibility.

On 27 July, we organised a breakfast with the Traditional Midwives of Bairro Sossego, who do wonderful social work. During the event, we were visited by our PCA Towasz Dowbor, who spoke about the importance of and respect for Traditional Birth Attendants. We also had a great support in terms of hospital consumables, offered by our partner company SHENG-QIN, to whom we are deeply grateful.

Health Festival

The Health festival provided unforgettable moments for all of us, several exhibitors reacted positively to the initiative and were very enthusiastic about the next events. It was very gratifying for the event organizers to see how much the visitors enjoyed and participated in the various activities, especially the free consultations and other services.

The opening of the festival was chaired by Mr. Tomasz Dowbor, CEO of the Boavida Group, who gave some words of encouragement and satisfaction for the adherence of the event.

In this first Health Festival, we had more than 60 exhibitors, more than 3,000 visitors, plus 500 free consultations assisted by 25 health specialists.