The history of the Boavida Group began in 1995 with an unexpected, adventurous and courageous trip by Tomasz Dowbor to Luanda, the capital of Angola - a country he did not know at all. In the middle of a period of armed conflict, he nevertheless saw this reality as an excellent opportunity to invest, grow and help build the project.

For over 20 years with Angola, the Boavida Group has operated on the basis of innovation, modern and transparent management, enhancement of human capital, promotion and valorisation of previously unexploited sectors of the economy, acceleration and valorisation of local production in different areas: Real Estate; Agro-industry; Mining; Education; Health and Welfare; Entertainment; Tourism, Communication and Business.



In 2017, as a result of the changes that the Angolan market has faced since 2014, due to the fall in the price of a barrel of oil, the Boavida Group strengthened its position through greater investment in markets such as agro-industry and the mining industry, having signed an international agreement with the Republic of Chad.