Aiming to provide people and families, on a regular basis, with quality food products from the basic food basket, and not only this, the Boavida Group embraced the challenge of, on the one hand, reducing the import of food products, through its company "Venit" and increasing the production of national products through its company "Agripol", by diversifying the products cultivated, increasing the offer of products, creating and adopting an integrated distribution chain, as well as adopting competitive prices - necessary to broaden the base of beneficiaries.

Our companies in the food sector


Venit is focused on the import and marketing of food and various high quality products for companies and individuals.


Agripol is a company in the agricultural and poultry sectors, engaged in the production of vegetables, tubers, poultry and eggs.

Kututa, Lda

It is a frozen fish processing plant, using state-of-the-art technology, capable of keeping all the nutrients of the fish fresh and ready for sale.


Factory that will be dedicated to the production of frozen fish, canned fish, fish flour and oil, in the Namibe province, with environmentally responsible policies.