The Boavida Group is investing deeply in the education sector, with an innovative pedagogical offer in the private teaching methodology ranging from kindergarten to high school. Boavida Educação, an educational complex, agglutinates in a single space the Boavida Nursery Centre, the Boavida International School and the Boavida Language School, with activities developed in rooms adapted to the subjects, modern pedagogical programmes, guided by experienced professionals.

Components of Boavida Education

Boavida International School

Main reference of the complex, it will receive 1000 students per year, from 6 to 16 years old, in integrated timetables (08h - 16h).

Boavida Language School

It will adopt a modern language teaching-learning method, essential for the student's future admission and progression in the labour market.

Boavida Children's Centre

It aims to contribute to building the foundations of a responsible child-youth profile, with a capacity to receive 450 children from 2 years of age in an integrated regime (07h - 18h).