Visit to the Mamã Madalena home

After visits made in the past by the Boa Vida Group (GBV) to the Mamã Madalena centre, where a survey of the needs that plague the root of the Cazenga shelter centre was carried out, assertive support was provided this morning with foodstuffs for the proper functioning of the home and the creation of favourable conditions for the healthy growth of the children as well as for the work of the centre's volunteers. "It is necessary for us to take care of physical health, to eat well, for you children to invest efforts to study well, because good education guarantees us a more beautiful and brighter future," Tomasz Dowbor, PCA of GBV told the children. In order to give maximum support, the GBV reinforced its help to the centre, so that whenever possible, it will support the transportation of agricultural products produced in Mamã Madela's field, in Kikuxi, municipality of Viana. This is already the third time that the GBV has shown solidarity with the cause of Mamã Madalena, which currently shelters 63 children who live and are educated at the centre, as well as opening doors to other needy children from the neighbourhood in order to offer basic education. "For us, this is not only a corporate responsibility that must be fulfilled, but also our duty as Angolan citizens to care for and safeguard the well-being of our fellow man," concluded Tomas Dowbor. In this way, with simple acts like this, so that children have their basic needs met, in the long term these children can continue and commit themselves to the development of our country.

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